Hands On. Tough On Crime.

Champ Crocker will be a partner with local law enforcement to solve crimes and bring career criminals
to justice and put them where they belong – in jail.

Victim Services

Champ Crocker will establish a Victims Advisory Council and will ensure victims receive the
priority, acknowledgement and justice they and their families deserve.


Access to elected officials should not be hard.  Champ Crocker will have an open door policy to
meet with citizens and attend community meetings and events.

Champ Crocker has 20 years legal experience as a  full-time practicing attorney, Assistant Attorney General, law professor, Municipal Judge, and law enforcement training instructor.

Champ Crocker is involved in the community through service as a volunteer  firefighter, coaching youth sports and as a member of the Cullman County Industrial Development Authority.

Raised in Cullman County, Champ Crocker is the son of the late Dr. F.L. Crocker and Dianne Crocker. Champ has been married to Emily Crocker for 16 years with two sons, Henry and Charles.
Champ and his family are active members of St. John’s Church.

R. Champ Crocker, Attorney

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Tel: 256-739-5005

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